War on Christmas

I remember growing up, whenever I was wished “Merry Christmas,” those well wishes were sometimes followed with a “That wasn’t offensive, was it? Because if it was, I really didn’t mean to offend you.” While I am not a Christian, I feel included by the people who wish me.  Why get upset at those who want me to be merry and happy?

I guess some people do not want to be merry and happy.  This holiday season, I have noticed a “War on Christmas” because apparently, Christmas is “oppressive to the other holidays.”  From some University of Virginia students wanting to ban Christmas on campus to recreating “Baby it’s Cold Outside” because it induces “rape culture.” Give me a break – it seems like the word oppression is thrown around everywhere.

Oppression is authoritarian rule or unjust treatment.  If Christmas is so controlling, then the other holidays would not even get to be celebrated…but guess what? They are and nobody is being stopped from celebrating the various holidays!! At my college, we celebrate Diwali, Eid-ul-Fitr, Passover, Chinese New Year, and many more.  Please explain how this is oppression? Saying that Christmas is more well known than some other holidays is not the same as oppression.  In fact, I think the holiday that is in the attempts of suppression is Christmas.

Christmas is also challenged when songs like Baby It’s Cold Outside are recreated.  Again, please give me a break.  Originally written by Frank Loesser in 1944, the song was about convincing the girl to stay a little longer to genuinely spend time with her…not to take advantage of her.   Annnndddd, the girl wanted to stay with him too.  The only reason she couldn’t was because it was socially inappropriate to stay at a man’s place past dark at the time.

The main reason people get their panties in a tiffy is this line: “Say what’s in this drink?”  People are very quick to assume that the song is talking about date rape. Oh no no no sir.  You can’t just take one line out of context and say the entire song is about rape.  Also, the woman was not oppressed – she very well had the choice to leave, but even she did not want to go.  Ever heard of this thing called romance? That is what this song is about: two people who like each other so much that they do not want to leave.

If Christmas is banned, then it is only fair that all holidays are banned…now, I do not like this idea. Holidays are supposed to bring family and friends together.  It also pushes people to make homes a bit more festive. I mean, imagine a world without holiday lights.

At least we have something to look at in awe instead of gross gray snow. People need to stop being dictatorial grinches and let others enjoy the holiday.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a joyous New Year!